Zausa and JD Truck Sales

Picture 2Dominic Senti, who came from Zambia in Africa many years ago, has become a criminal. He makes a living by swindling unsuspecting clients from overseas.

Dominic Senti and his fellow fraudsters such as Ricardo Lopez, Mimi Giordano and Jeffrey Keene set up fake companies in Tampa, Florida. The two most used fronts are and JD Truck Sales. They are all under investigation by the FBI, Tampa Police and the Florida State Attorney‘s office.

On their websites they advertise trucks, trailers and heavy equipment  and collect deposits from potential customers. They never have any inventory. So they never deliver the goods. The majority of targeted potential customers are overseas who cannot go to the US to push for their refund.

If lucky the customer is given part of what they paid for. In most cases these three just disappear. They change phones and email/physical addresses regularly.

We know of victims in South America, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. In the US we know of fraud victims in Illinois, Atlanta, Alabama and Texas.

The regularly abuse shipping agents from World Freight whom they send fake titles for goods not in port for shipping and turn around to give stories. Dominic Senti, who is originally from Zambia in Southern Africa, is the master mind for this scheme and is 100 percent responsible for all the criminal activity that they perpetrate.

They have websites but no premises. So if you are looking to see their inventory, they will not hesitate to take you to someone else’s yard and pretend they own it or are part of it. They are pretty smooth after doing this for years.

If you have been swindled by these crooks, add your story to this site. In case you are wondering. Below is how the master mind Dominic Senti looks like.


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